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On trend bathroom designs in 2023

Over the last few years, bathroom design has become a real trend. Bathrooms are no longer just considered to be a practical, clinical space - the trendy move is to shift the emphasis from a functional room, to a beautiful calming space in which to indulge in rituals of self-care - "the spa-throom".

“A spa bathroom is always on trend” says Sabra Ballon of Ballon Studios.

The décor you choose in your bathroom should be entirely based on personal choice. Choose what most appeals and gives you the feeling of luxury and deep calm even in the tiniest of spaces. Here are some of the most popular trends to give you some inspiration!

Scandi meets the Far East- Japandi!

Light but not just white, a chic and simple style with a hint of pastel colour and warm neutrals compliments beautiful fundamental shapes like a free-standing pebble bath in front of a slatted wood wall, or pastel painted wood panelling. Natural materials like wood and stone look good here (Natural materials help create a calming atmosphere), whether it’s wooden countertops, floating shelves, stone tiles, or flooring – the use of these elements can bring a sophisticated yet organic look to any space.

beautiful bathroom design with wooden walls, and a stone sink


Decorative lighting

Choosing the right lighting can transform functional to soothing and sculptural. It’s a fine balance - you need good lighting to avoid grooming errors, but not so much that any sense of the spathroom is lost.

Wall sconces are perfect either side of a huge mirror with twin mirrors being a feature focus, and other hot trends can be incorporated here, like gunmetal or brushed metal fittings.

Top tip: Separate lighting circuits in the bathroom to make it possible to turn off those bright lights and use a floor level glow to enhance the spa sensation!

A bathroom vanity unit with a single mirror and two lights either side


Turn your tiling into an art form!

Geometric contrasting patterns, chequered tiling, terrazzo and textured tiles are all making an appearance not only as a means of keeping the bathroom waterproof, but as a striking decorative feature which is beautifully simple to maintain. Our expert tilers can not only recommend the best tiles, they can advise on styles and designs, too.

Extra large patterned wall and floor tiles in a minimalist white bathroom


Pale bathroom with abstract tiles covering half the wall


Integrate smart home technology

Smart technology in the spathroom contributes to the sense of perfect calm and control. Set the temperature, the lighting, even warm the toilet seat! Play soothing music and float downstream as you lay in the bath.

Seamless glass shower screens

The sense of space and calm will not be interrupted with these smooth unfussy screens (plus no tricky edges to clean either!) Less time looking after, more time enjoying. Win, win.

Large bathroom with a seamless shower screen in glass


Seamless glass shower screen around double walk in shower

Source: The Shower Lab

Irregular Reflections

Irregular mirrors add a touch of whimsy to the peace of the bathroom. Either in brushed metal or beautiful wooden frames, these statement pieces are almost art! The organic shape underlines the natural elements and a frameless irregular mirror can be reminiscent of beach pebbles, smooth and curvy.

Abstract shaped mirror with lighting behind


Your bathroom should be a desirable and deeply calming place that you enjoy spending time in. Talk to the team at Carlito's and we'll help you create the bathroom of your dreams that is so much more than the traditional bathroom.


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