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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When it comes to designing your kitchen, lighting is one of the most important features. We wrote this blog to shed some light (excuse the pun...) on the things you should consider.

A gloss white kitchen with a wooden top island with naked bulbs hanging over the top

Lighting isn't just about functionality, it's about the overall ambience your kitchen creates and how it makes you feel. Choosing the right kind of lighting can transform your kitchen into an inviting and stunning space for you to create your culinary masterpieces!

First of all, proper lighting is essential for preparing food in your kitchen safely. Lighting under the cupboards that illuminate work areas are a fantastic feature. Not only does it give you the right lighting for your kitchen tasks but it also creates a really visually appealing look.

Secondly, the right lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance, making your kitchen more welcoming for any guests you invite over. We'd suggest using dimmer switches in your kitchen so you can adjust the brightness and switch between brighter lights while you're busy cooking, and a soft, gentle glow perfect for a relaxed evening!

See how lighting transforms our customer, Helen's, kitchen;

Close up of a cream kitchen, the electric hob, grey tiles and under counter lighting

Thirdly, a carefully thought through lighting scheme can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. It adds depth, highlights certain features, and also draws the eye to design elements or particular spaces.

Our customer, Alex, in Winchester chose a combination of under counter lighting over the sink and worktop space, floor lighting to help steer the eye through the kitchen, and stylish hanging pendants to accentuate the elegant dining space:

A grey kitchen with white tiles, lighting under the counters and a dining table with hanging lights over the top

And finally, lighting used wisely can illuminate special features like stunning splashbacks, artwork or display shelves and adds to the interest of your space. Choose the right kind of lighting that complements your kitchen's style, and truly reflects your personal taste and you'll have a gorgeous room in no time.

We recently completed the lovely Penny's kitchen, and she chose a beautiful blue splashback that reflected the natural light of her garden into the kitchen. Being clever with light and the materials you use in your kitchen can make for a truly breath taking design:

A cream kitchen with blue splashback, white counter tops and wooden beams in the ceiling

If you're in the process of designing a new kitchen, don't overlook the power of lighting.

Consider functionality, the different ways to set the mood, and particular features you'd like to highlight. Let your kitchen shine brightly and become the heart of your home.

If you'd have to have a chat with our team of experts, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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