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Enhancing your kitchen with bright colours and creative feature walls

Setting the stage for a vibrant kitchen

There are few rooms in the home as important as the kitchen, hence the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. It’s where the family comes together to share a meal, where the adventurous can get creative with interesting recipes, where you can stick the kettle on to solve a problem, or pop open the bubbly for a party. It’s often an entertaining space, the hub of activity, a productive place to sit, and the place where people congregate. So, it’s really important that the room is designed to take on the perfect setting for every situation.

Kitchen wall painted with bright pink paint

Incorporating bright colours and feature walls into your kitchen can transform it from just a functional room to a lively and inspiring place for all of the above to happen!

The power of colour in interior design

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your kitchen, it’s not as simple as just picking your favourite colour. Colour has been scientifically proven to have a psychological impact on mood and emotion, and for such an important room – the colour has to be just right.

Warm colours (reds, yellows, pinks and oranges) evoke feelings of energy and excitement. They tend to make rooms feel much cosier, and more inviting. Like a cosy farm kitchen with terracotta walls and an aga slowly cooking something comforting. Warm colours are fantastic at drawing attention to a feature or focal point in the room.

Cool colours (blues, greens, purples) evoke a sense of calmness and serenity. Perfect for the busy family who want to relax in the kitchen/diner at the end of a busy day. Cooler colour palettes make rooms feel open and airy, too.

Strike the balance

It’s important to strike the balance between warm and cool colours in any room. Too many warmer colours can make a room feel quite intense and overwhelming, whereas too many cool colours can make a room feel a little cold and uninviting. Think about your personal preference, and the desired mood of your room – and that should help you choose!

White kitchen with dark wood cupboards and orange chairs and artwork

Also, consider the durability of the colour you choose alongside the style of your kitchen. If you have a traditional, country style kitchen, would a cool palette work? Or if you have a modern and contemporary design, will warm and cosy colour palettes confuse things?

It doesn’t just have to be paint!

You can bring colours into the room in other ways – not just paint colours. You can introduce coloured splashbacks, coloured tiles, bright accessories, and even wallpapered feature walls!

White kitchen with blue glass splashback

The magic of feature walls

A feature wall, or an accent wall, is a popular design element in many rooms, where one wall is intentionally highlighted or set apart from the rest. It’s a way of adding depth to a room, drawing the eyes to a focal point, or just injecting a bit of life into a plain room.

Feature walls can be created using:

· Wallpapers

· Tiles

· Bold colour paints

· Textures or materials, like exposed brick

· A full wall mural

· Creative wall art

· Shelving and displays

· Mirror features

· Paint techniques like lime paint

Kitchen with bright coloured tiles and mis matched tiles

Not only are the Carlito's team experts when it comes to fitting kitchens, installing feature lighting, plumbing, electrics, tiling and flooring, we are also here to help you if you want to chat through some of your design ideas! Reach out to us today.


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