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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Updated: May 26, 2023

Designing a small kitchen does require a little extra thought. It's not just about making it look great, although that's really important, it's about creating a kitchen with smart design choices that include plenty of space saving hacks.

We work with customers to create kitchens of all sizes, and some of our most satisfying projects are those where we've helped the customer make the most of every single inch of space. We combine our professional knowledge and experience with the information we carefully gather from the clients. We ask them about how they like to live (do they love to cook? Do they need to maximise worktop space? Do they want to prioritise a dishwasher over storage? Would they like a wine fridge?) to make sure the kitchen is perfect for them.

In this blog we've collated some tips and ideas to make the most of your space!

Everything you should know about small kitchen design:

Keep it light:

Kitchen painted white to maximise space

One of the most effective ways to make a smaller kitchen feel bigger is by using lighter colours on the walls, cabinets, and worktops. By reflecting natural light, you will create a sense of openness. You don't have to stick just to whites, you could try light greys, pale blues, or softer colours. It's worth asking at your local hardware store as often they will advise you, and can often mix the right shades for you!

Utilize vertical space:

kitchen utensils hung on hooks along the vertical space in the kitchen

In a small kitchen, every bit of space counts. Hanging racks to store pots, pans, and utensils frees up space in your cupboards and also keeps everything within easy reach. Great for the serious cooks among us! Did you know that you can install kitchen units right up to the ceiling too? See our next point...

Go up as far as you can:

Very small apartment with kitchen units that go up to the ceiling

Many kitchens have regular height wall cupboards and stop a considerable distance short of the ceiling. We all know they collects dust, and become storage for those things we will never use but don't want to throw away... Ask your supplier to design your units ceiling height so you get as much storage space as possible. It also makes the room feel bigger/taller!

Streamline your storage:

Small kitchen with pull out cupboards in unused space to store cooking oils and bottles

Worktop space is usually limited in smaller kitchens, so try to avoid cluttering it by making the most of your cupboard space. Cluttered work surfaces will make the kitchen feel much smaller instantly. Install pull-out drawers and shelves in otherwise wasted space, and use dividers to keep everything organized. You can also add hooks or small shelves to the inside of your cabinet doors to store items like spices! We even know someone who stores their spices alphabetically - now THAT'S a good idea...

Choose multi-functional appliances:

A microwave that doubles s an oven to save space

In a small kitchen, appliances that can double up will help save a lot of space. Look for a microwave that also functions as an oven, or even a dishwasher that doubles as extra storage space when not in use.

Maximize natural light:

Small kitchen design with a large window to let lots of natural light in

Large windows, or even skylights, in your kitchen will let in as much natural light as possible and make the room feel much bigger. It's not always possible to let a lot of natural light in though = so you could install some under-cabinet lighting, or lighting strips under shelves, to brighten up the space.


By following these simple tips, you can create a small kitchen that is both functional and space saving while looking great! With a little creativity and smart design choices, you can make the most of your limited space and create a kitchen that works for you. Give us call today if you want to chat to a member of our team about your small kitchen designs.


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