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Only £96

As well as a full boiler service, you'll get a free winter check-up for your home, including:

  • Gas hob test

  • Water mains valve test

  • Hot and cold kitchen tap isolators test

PLUS if there is anything wrong with your boiler, we can give you a quote to fix it and book an appointment to do the work.


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Book a boiler service

The importance of a yearly service of your gas appliances

The yearly service of your gas appliances (boilers, fires, gas cookers and hobs) is extremely important in preserving the longevity, efficiency and safety of any gas appliance. A yearly service will ensure that your appliance will continue working at the highest efficiency, which can help with your energy costs. Furthermore, it will ensure that your appliance is safe. An estimated 1 in 6 homes have an unsafe gas appliance in their household! A yearly service of your appliances will let you rest easy knowing your household is safe for you and your family.


Our service will consist of a fully qualified gas engineer carrying out a comprehensive inspection of your gas appliances, testing all safety devices and a test on all gas pipework. On the boiler side, we'll check the flue to ensure the emissions are to current standards. We'll clean the filter, and check on all other integral components on a heating system i.e. pumps, port valves, and radiator valves. Our engineers will also advise on tips and small changes that can improve efficiency and help with costs.


A yearly service is a manufacturers standard and your warranty could be void without proof of a yearly service, so please get in touch with a member of our team.

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